Create An Passive Icome - Invest Only $10 Online.

 It's not easy to see how you can start creating a passive income online by investing only 10 dollars online. But here, it is a pure truth.

How to Invest $10 and Raise $72,000 with Tirus

Are you looking for a one-time investment business opportunity that is both profitable and easy to do? I regularly receive messages from visitors and subscribers of my Facebook page asking me this question. Well yes, it does exist and I will allow myself to present the Tirus marketing offer, a company that offers a compensation program that can bring up to $72,000...

The company Tirus Ltd is an investment fund registered in Hong Kong since 2016, which offers a simple, fun, duplicable and global compensation program.

Tirus was founded by two entrepreneurs with more than 15 years of experience in small and medium-sized businesses, who have set themselves the mission of creating a business accessible to all, via a generous compensation program based on the principle of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and mutual aid.

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What are the sectors of activity of the Tirus Company?

Tirus ltd is an investment fund that operates in 16 leading sectors of activity, mainly involving:
  • Technology
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Real Estate
  • Online games
  • Online training

What makes Tirus' business plan so great?

The Tirus MLM program allows you to start your business for a very low cost of $10, payable only once. You can join various business sectors with the earnings from the marketing plan. Even if you stop developing or take a break, you will never be asked to pay for a membership again. It's a one-time $10 fee!

From a small capital of $10, practically on a passive basis, it is possible to earn up to $72,000 USD.
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Today the company offers more than 16 business areas. Real estate in Turkey and Russia, affiliate marketing, decentralized stock exchange, micro financing, health products, casino and block chain lottery, crypto currency (WNL token), etc. When you join this company for $10, you become a shareholder, and you get paid as you complete the rings. The Tirus company returns a percentage of the profits to each member. The mission of each member is to recruit two partners who in turn will join the company for $10, and who in turn will have to sponsor two godchildren to complete their ring. The plan is to complete the rings on 10 levels, so as to accumulate earnings that will reach $72,000 USD when the tenth ring is completed. Of course, between the first and tenth ring, members will benefit from very interesting intermediate winnings. For example, from the sixth ring onwards, the earnings become residual.

The risk is minimal, because losing $10 is no more money than a lottery ticket. Tirus is a unique opportunity that could allow you to earn maximum money with minimum work.

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Why invest in the Tirus fund?

  • Start for $10
  • No need to sponsor more than two referral
  • Each referral in turn sponsors two referrals
  • No one can lose their stake You can withdraw your winnings at any time
  • Offer available in all countries

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How to join the Tirus Team?

To sign up you just need to create your account from this link:

The only requirement to create your Tirus account is to have a Perfect Money account with a $10.20 USD fund, as Perfect Money charges a $0.20 USD fee for the transaction.

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